Packing Tips You Can’t Ignore When Moving House

Packing Tips You Can’t Ignore When Moving House

Packing Tips

Moving house, whilst being exciting, is also very stressful, and is actually fairly expensive if you cut corners and don’t fully know what you’re doing. When moving house, offices, or anywhere else, most people will agree that hiring a professional removals company is essential, as this will save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. But is there anything else you can do to ensure your house move goes without a hitch? Well, in terms of packing up your belongings, furniture, and personal items, yes there is. Take a look and see what you think.


Create a checklist – You may not think so, but having a checklist will actually help make your move run a whole lot smoother than you could have ever imagined. By having a checklist you can write down the order in which you intend on packing, you can prioritize rooms and personal items, and you can ensure that you don’t forget any necessities. What’s more, when you do pack up a room and can tick it off the list, you will enjoy a great feeling of accomplishment, especially as more ticks begin adding up.


Begin with lesser-used rooms – When you begin packing, always start with rooms that you use the least. Obviously you will spend much of your time in the living room, kitchen, and your bedroom, so perhaps begin with any spare rooms, or rooms that you don’t need to use on a regular basis.


Pack a room at a time – Though it may be tempting to try to get packed as soon as possible, you should never try to pack multiple rooms at once. When you do this you run the risk of getting items mixed up, plus you could find yourself overwhelmed. What’s more, packing a room at a time will also help the movers as they will know where to group items on their vans and trucks.


Never leave empty gaps – Unless you are packing a box full of pillows, when packing, if there are any gaps left in the boxes, make sure you stuff them with bubble wrap, old newspaper, or anything else soft and insulating. This will help stop items from slamming around in the box in the removals truck, during their journey to their new home.


Clearly label your boxes – Remember, you’re not on a game show so leave out the mystery box and clearly label your boxes. When you go to unpack, you don’t want to have to be guessing what’s inside each box, you want to know which room it’s from, and which items it contains. When unpacking you ideally want to go with a room at a time, so by clearly labelling all boxes, you will know which boxes are for the kitchen, and what they contain. It takes seconds to label a box, and the amount of time and stress it will save you will be well worth the effort.

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